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Pangfolio is a fan-site from JS-Kunou. PangYa, Albatross18, its characters, and official artwork belong to NTREEV SOFT CO., LTD.

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Pangfolio - Misc

PANGfolio - Misc.

Just a bunch of random stuff here.

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Title: Snowscape
From: North Wiz
Format: MP3
Size: 3.25MB
Comment: I recorded this out of the game with Fraps, and then used another program to extract the sound from the recorded video. Listen
Title: Winter Ride
From: North Wiz
Format: MP3
Size: 3.47MB
Comment: This is Gallagon's most favorite music. It always cheers him up. Ha ha. So, I recorded it for him. Sounds like duck music to me, for some odd reason. Listen