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PANGfolio - Just a fan-site.

I got hooked into this game. Again. Season 3 has just been released this month (October) and is more fun with Party Squares, selling of items, and more. I love this game! But this isn't a site about the description of the game. Nope. If you want to know more about it, and play it, go to and check it out! It's free and fun!

Anyway, this site is just like a personal PangYa portfolio. I know the layout is lame but I'm just not motivated enough to make it look better. I'll improve it in the future. The purpose of this site is to have my screen shots and videos of the game. I am not--and I do not imply--that I am a pro (I'm barely a Junior A). I just like taking screen shots and recording video! Nothing really special here. It's just for entertainment purposes. ^__~


Pangfolio is a fan-site from JS-Kunou. PangYa, Albatross18, its characters, and official artwork belong to NTREEV SOFT CO., LTD.